Grill n shake

  • Grill n shake
  • Basement And Ground Floors
  • N19 3QL

Last Inspected on 21st Mar 2019 by and received a 2 score

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Inspection Summary

Food Hygiene and Safety - Fair
Some non-compliance with statutory obligations and industry codes of recommended practice. The premises are in the top 50 per cent of premises and standards are being maintained or improved.
Structural Compliance - Poor
Some major non-compliance with statutory obligations – more effort required to prevent fall in standards.
Confidence in Management - Some
Satisfactory record of compliance. Access to and use of technical advice either in-house or from trade associations. May have satisfactory documented food safety management system. 

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4 Cafe Carmel Shop, 194 Stroud Green Road, N4 3RN
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5 Coolhurst Tennis & Squash Club Coolhurst Lawn Tennis and Squash Racquets Club, Courtside, N8 8EY
5 Eurest LTD (Compass group) Eurest LTD (Compass group), Holloway Bus Garage, N19 5RR
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5 Coffee House Six Zero Seven Coffee House Six Zero Seven, 607, N19 4DJ
5 The Old Aloysians St Aloysius College Sports Field, Hurst Avenue, N6 5TX
5 Costa Coffee Costa Coffee, 718 Holloway Road, N19 3NH
5 Reyhon persian Kitchen Reyhon persian Kitchen, Ground Floor, N19 3QW
5 WOW Simply Japanese 18 Crouch End Hill, Hornsey, N8 8AA
5 Fresh Bite alos T/A Shake & Go Fresh Bite alos T/A Shake & Go, Basement and Ground Floor, N7 6JP
5 Chicken Shop 46 The Broadway, Hornsey, N8 9SU
5 Costa Coffee 1 The Broadway, Hornsey, N8 8DU
5 Kitchen@149 Kitchen@149, Ground Floor Front, N7 6DU
5 Starbucks Coffee Shop, 7 The Broadway, N8 8DU
5 Red Rose Tandoori Red Rose Tandoori, Basement And Ground Floors, N19 4DJ
5 The Spoke The Spoke, 710 Holloway Road, N19 3NH
5 Ollies Cafe Ollies Cafe, Ground Floor, N7 6AE
5 Whiskers & Cream Whiskers & Cream, 593 Holloway Road, N19 4DJ
5 500 Restaurant 500 Restaurant, Commercial Unit, N19 3JH
5 Brave Sir Robin Brave Sir Robin, 29 Crouch Hill, N4 4AP
5 Bistro North Cafe Restaurant Bistro North Cafe Restaurant, 673 Holloway Road, N19 5SE
5 Costa Coffee Costa Coffee, 35 Junction Road, N19 5QT
5 The Old Dairy The Old Dairy, Ground Floor, N4 4AP
5 Costa Coffee Costa Coffee, Ground Floor, N7 6BH
5 Domino's Pizza Domino's Pizza, Basement And Ground, Tollington House, N19 3PH
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