Kaz's Kafe

  • 112 Mansfield Road
  • S12 2AP

Last Inspected on 11th Jan 2016 by and received a 4 score

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Inspection Summary

Food Hygiene and Safety - Very Good
High standard of compliance with statutory obligations and industry codes of recommended practice; conforms to accepted good practices in the trade.
Structural Compliance - Fair
Some non-compliance with statutory obligations and industry codes of recommended practice. The premises are in the top 50 per cent of premises and standards are being maintained or improved.
Confidence in Management - Good
Reasonable record of compliance. Technical advice available in-house or access to and use of technical advice from trade associations. Have satisfactory documented procedures and systems. Able to demonstrate effective control of hazards. Will have satisfactory documented food safety management system. Audit by Food Authority confirms general compliance with documented system. 

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