• 40 Ellesmere Road
  • S4 7JD

Last Inspected on 30th Nov 2016 by and received a 4 score

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Inspection Summary

Food Hygiene and Safety - Fair
Some non-compliance with statutory obligations and industry codes of recommended practice. The premises are in the top 50 per cent of premises and standards are being maintained or improved.
Structural Compliance - Very Good
High standard of compliance with statutory obligations and industry codes of recommended practice; conforms to accepted good practices in the trade.
Confidence in Management - Good
Reasonable record of compliance. Technical advice available in-house or access to and use of technical advice from trade associations. Have satisfactory documented procedures and systems. Able to demonstrate effective control of hazards. Will have satisfactory documented food safety management system. Audit by Food Authority confirms general compliance with documented system. 

Other Places within 1 mile of Nellies

Score Name Address
0 The Big Gun Limited 13-17 Wicker, S3 8HS
1 Togdeere Cafe 8 Grimesthorpe Road South, S4 7HQ
1 Nile 28 Ellesmere Road, S4 7JB
2 Qandil 70 Spital Hill, S4 7LG
2 Chill Out Cafe 42 Sorby Street, S4 7LA
3 T & T Chinese Food Limited High Court Chambers, 5-7 High Court, S1 2EP
3 Oasis Cafe 30 Carlisle Street, S4 7LJ
3 Pizza Palace 418 Pitsmoor Road, S3 9AY
3 Manu Salwa BBQ 64-66 Wicker, S3 8JD
3 Hen and Chickens 3 Castle Green, S3 8LX
3 Wybourn Pub Ltd Wybourn Hotel, 204 Cricket Inn Road, S2 5AT
3 Mimmos 9-11 Castle Street, S3 8LT
3 Al Nasim 143 Spital Hill, S4 7LF
3 The Trawlers Catch 13-15 Castle Street, S3 8LT
3 Tokyou Chinese Restaurant 46 Castle Square, S1 2GF
3 Spital Chippy 129 Spital Hill, S4 7LF
3 Kurdistan Restaurant 34-36 Spital Hill, S4 7LG
3 Au Village 85 Wicker, S3 8HT
3 Our Local Cafe Unit A, Spital Hill Plaza, 68 Spital Hill, S4 7LG
3 Big Daddy's 50 Wicker, S3 8JB
3 Selam Cafe Spital Hill Plaza, 68 Spital Hill, S4 7LG
3 Shaz 20-22 Spital Hill, S4 7LG
3 Frehiwet Habasha Restaurant 35 Exchange Street, S2 5TR
3 Khyber Diner 54-56 Wicker, S3 8JB
3 La Perle Pattisserie 39-41 Wicker, S3 8HS
4 My Chicken Express 29 Wicker, S3 8HS
4 Pitstop 420 Pitsmoor Road, S3 9AY
4 Selam Internet Café 3-4 Lady's Bridge, S3 8HT
4 Sheger Restaurant 45 Wicker, S3 8HT
4 Dubai Nights Lounge 15 Sutherland Street, S4 7WG
4 Imrans Diner 60-62 Wicker, S3 8JD
4 MJ's 99a Carlisle Street East, S4 7QN
4 The Mangla 145-147 Spital Hill, S4 7LF
4 Wilkinson Cafe 34-36 Haymarket, S1 2AX
4 Youssef Khalid Ibrahim Al-Shamry Rear of 22a Spital Hill, 22a Spital Hill, S4 7LG
4 Foundry Coffee Roasters Ltd Wharncliffe House, 44 Bank Street, S1 2DS
4 Zaitoon 72 Spital Hill, S4 7LG
4 Pizza Hut Restaurant 41-47 High Street, S1 2GB
4 Marcia's 52 Wicker, S3 8JB
4 Red Sea Cafe 5-7 Ellesmere Road, S4 7JA
5 Royal Oak Royal Oak, 60-62 Earsham Street, S4 7LS
5 Staffordshire Arms 40 Sorby Street, S4 7LB
5 Albies 22 Snig Hill, S3 8NB
5 Norfolk Arms Norfolk Arms, 26 Dixon Lane, S1 2AL
5 Normanton Inn Normanton Inn, 12 Earldom Road, S4 7EG
5 Bankers Draft 1-3 Market Place, S1 2GH
5 SACMHA The Health and Social Care Company 84 Andover Street, S3 9EH
5 Tesco Savile Street Customer Cafe 1 Savile Street, S4 7UD
5 Greggs of Yorkshire 21 Market Place, S1 2GH
5 SADACCA Ltd 48 Wicker, S3 8JB
5 14Forty Hartshead House, 2 Cutlers Gate, S4 7TL
5 Capita 2 Cutlers Gate, S4 7TL
5 Refresh UK Borders Agency Vulcan House, 6 Millsands, S3 8NU
5 Tunisia Planet 31 Wicker, S3 8HS
5 The Harlequin The Harlequin, 108 Nursery Street, S3 8GG
5 Mega Relax The Mega Centre, Bernard Road, S2 5BQ
5 The Pitsmoor Pitsmoor Hotel, 448 Pitsmoor Road, S3 9AY
5 Effingham Road Sandwich Shop The Effingham Sandwich Shop, 96 Effingham Road, S4 7YS
5 Alisons Coffee shop 1-3 Fitzalan Square, S1 2AZ
5 A & G Passenger Boats Ltd Victoria Quays, Wharf Street, S2 5SY
5 Anne's Catering Services Sheffield Magistrates Court, 5th Floor Castle Street, S3 8LT
5 CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP South Quay, 1 Wharf Street, S2 5SY
5 Food Xpress Unit 10, Clarence Works, Leveson Street, S4 7YW
5 Autograph Foods Riverside East 2, Millsands, S3 8DT
5 The Dorothy Pax Ltd Victoria Quays, Arch 17 Wharf Street, S2 5SY
5 OCS Ltd Nunnery Square, 2 Sheffield Parkway, S2 5DD
5 Hot Dog Hut 13 Castle Street, S3 8LT
5 The Sheffield Metropolitan Blonk Street, S1 2AU
5 Pizza Hot 216 Cricket Inn Road, S2 5AT
5 KFC 1 Haymarket, S1 2AW
5 Natural Spice 123 Spital Hill, S4 7LD
5 Shahi Kebabs 117 Spital Hill, S4 7LD
5 Pitsmoor Methodist Church Burngreave Methodist Church, Burngreave Road, S3 9DG
5 Subway 57 King Street, S3 8LF
5 Breakfast Club Byron Wood Primary School, Earldom Road, S4 7EJ
5 Mitie Catering Services Limited Unit 1 Furnival Court, 12 Furnival Road, S4 7YB
5 Tap & Barrel Tap And Barrel, 42 Waingate, S3 8LB
5 Wilkinson Hardware Stores Ltd 34-36 Haymarket, S1 2AX
5 Bassbox Formerly The Boardwalk, 37-41 Snig Hill, S3 8NA
5 Christ Church Community Centre Christ Church Community Centre, Nottingham Street, S3 9HJ
5 Cana Traditional Restaurant 16a Dixon Lane, S1 2AL
5 Dove and Rainbow Dove And Rainbow, 2 Hartshead Square, S1 2FD
5 Diyafa 95a Wicker, S3 8HT
5 Edo Sushi High Court Chambers, 24-26 High Court, S1 2EP
5 Just Halal Kebabs 35 Wicker, S3 8HS
5 Intensive Support Service (ISS) NHS 32 Firshill Rise, S4 7BW
5 Quasar 4 Bank Street, S1 2DS