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  • Ground Floor
  • N1 1DA

Last Inspected on 28th Mar 2019 by and received a 3 score

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Inspection Summary

Food Hygiene and Safety - Fair
Some non-compliance with statutory obligations and industry codes of recommended practice. The premises are in the top 50 per cent of premises and standards are being maintained or improved.
Structural Compliance - Fair
Some non-compliance with statutory obligations and industry codes of recommended practice. The premises are in the top 50 per cent of premises and standards are being maintained or improved.
Confidence in Management - Some
Satisfactory record of compliance. Access to and use of technical advice either in-house or from trade associations. May have satisfactory documented food safety management system. 

Other Places within 1 mile of Sunday

Score Name Address
0 Kaki Bar Kaki Bar, 125 Caledonian Road, N1 9RG
1 Amici Coffee Deli Amici Coffee Deli, Ground Floor Cafe, N5 1RD
1 Mamma Mia Mamma Mia, 12 Hornsey Road, N7 7BP
1 Chicken Spot Chicken Spot, 180 Caledonian Road
1 Dixy Grill and Pizza Dixy Grill and Pizza, 352 Caledonian Road, N1 1DU
1 Four Seasons Express Four Seasons Express, 239 Caledonian Road, N1 1ED
1 Hong Kong Express Hong Kong Express, 239 Caledonian Road, N1 1ED
1 Hungry Kitchen Hungry Kitchen, 239 Caledonian Road, N1 1ED
1 Bistro@71 Bistro@71, 71 Holloway Road, N7 8JZ
1 Hayward Adventure Playground Hayward Adventure Playground, Market Road
1 Marathon Restaurant Marathon Restaurant, 193A Caledonian Road, N1 0SL
1 Taste of Holloway Pizza Taste of Holloway Pizza, 183A Holloway Road, N7 8LX
1 Happy face 14 Handyside Street, N1C 4DN
1 Daily Grind Daily Grind, 54 Duncan Street, N1 8BW
1 Aunty's Express @linked up Aunty's Express @linked up, 16-18 Hornsey Road, N7 7BP
1 Hillmarton Tandoori Hillmarton Tandoori, 3 Hillmarton Terrace, N7 9JR
1 Vagabond N7 Vagabond N7, Ground Floor, N7 8LT
1 Dreamz Cafe No.4 Dreamz Cafe No.4, 4 Hornsey Road, N7 7BP
1 Viet Garden Viet Garden, First and Attic Floor, N1 1LX
2 Kasey's Chicken Kasey's Chicken, 223 Holloway Road, N7 8HG
2 Saz Cafe Saz Cafe, Unit 2, Piccadilly Court, N7 9BJ
2 Masigo Masigo, Ground Floor, N1 9EN
2 Xiang Impressions Xiang Impressions, 117 Benwell Road, N7 7BW
2 Master Plaice Cafe Master Plaice Cafe, 151 Holloway Road, N7 8LX
2 Pizza Express Pizza Express, 335-337 Upper Street, N1 0PB
2 Duchess Of Kent Duchess Of Kent, 441 Liverpool Road, N7 8PR
2 Euro Cafe Euro Cafe, 299 Caledonian Road, N1 1DT
2 Rincon Rincon, Ground Floor, N7 8HG
2 Emperor Chinese Restaurant Emperor Chinese Restaurant, 163 Holloway Road, N7 8LX
2 SSAM - Korean Dining SSAM - Korean Dining, 241 Holloway Road, N7 8HG
2 Hot Wok Hot Wok, 265 Caledonian Road, N1 1EE
2 Oriental Gourmet Oriental Gourmet, Ground Floor, N7 8LT
2 The Skinny Kitchen The Skinny Kitchen, Restaurant, Business Design Centre, N1 0QH
2 Milk Tea Milk Tea, 228 Holloway Road, N7 8DA
2 The Albion The Albion, 10 Thornhill Road, N1 1HW
2 Tbilishi Tbilishi, 91 Holloway Road, N7 8LT
2 Subway Subway, Ground and Part First, N7 8DA
2 Chinese Chef Chinese Chef, 466 Caledonian Road
2 The Horatia The Horatia, 98-100 Holloway Road, N7 8JE
2 Kanada Ya Kanada Ya, Ground and First Floor, N1 0PN
2 Bam! Bam!, Ground Floor, N7 8HG
2 Little Bat Bar Little Bat Bar, Ground Floor, N1 1PX
2 Kipferl Ltd Kipferl Ltd, 20 Camden Passage, N1 8ED
2 Green & Flavour Green & Flavour, Unit A, N7 9BA
2 The Little Viet Kitchen The Little Viet Kitchen, Basement And Ground Floors, N1 9EZ
3 New Didar New Didar, 347 Caledonian Road, N1 1DW
3 The Breakout Cafe The Breakout Cafe, Ground Floor, N7 9BQ
3 The Cally The Cally, 427 Caledonian Road, N7 9BG
3 Cookies and Scream Cookies and Scream, Shop, N7 8JE
3 Cafe Terrace Cafe Terrace, Ground Floor Front At 241, N1 1ED
3 OLDROYD OLDROYD, 344 Upper Street, N1 0PD
3 Miki's Paradise Miki's Paradise, Shop, N7 8HG
3 Crown Fish And Chip Bar Crown Fish And Chip Bar, 20 Chapel Market
3 129HRD 129HRD, 129 Holloway Road, N7 8LT
3 Sacred Cafe Sacred Cafe, Unit 14, N7 8EG
3 Ristorante Trevi Ristorante Trevi, 16-18 Highbury Corner, N5 1RA
3 Yipin China Yipin China, Basement And Ground Floors, N1 0QD
3 Blue River Cafe Blue River Cafe, 44 Northdown Street
3 Cafe Oz Cafe Oz, 53 Caledonian Road, N1 9BU
3 Big Papa's Peri Peri Big Papa's Peri Peri, Ground Floor Shop, N7 8JZ
3 La Muse Bistro La Muse Bistro, Ground Floor, N7 8LT
3 Desperados Desperados, 67 Upper Street, N1 0NY
3 Lamezia Lamezia, 165 Holloway Road, N7 8LX
3 Southpaw Coffee Ltd Southpaw Coffee Ltd, Ground Floor, N7 8XG
3 The Joker (Kitchen) The Joker (Kitchen), 58 Penton Street, N1 9PZ
3 Oasis In The Park Oasis In The Park, Highbury Fields Cafe Catering Kiosk, N5 1RR
3 Kennedy's Public House Kennedy's Public House, 297 Caledonian Road, N1 1EG
3 Kigi Restaurant And Cafe Kigi Restaurant And Cafe, Commercial Unit Restaurant, N1 1BB
3 Angel Curry Centre Angel Curry Centre, 5 Chapel Market, N1 9EZ
3 Cafe Sizzles Cafe Sizzles, Shop, N1 9EX
3 Chip Inn Chip Inn, Ground Floor And Basement, N7 8DJ
3 Meltdown Meltdown, Ground Floor, N1 1BB
3 Fondue Factory Fondue Factory, 42 Duncan Street, N1 8BL
3 Memsaab Restaurant Memsaab Restaurant, 14 Westbourne Road, N7 8AU
3 The Driver Public House The Driver Public House, 2-4 Wharfdale Road, N1 9RY
3 Terrace Turkish Kitchen Terrace Turkish Kitchen, 61 Chapel Market, N1 9ER
3 New Woks Kitchen New Woks Kitchen, Ground Floor, N1 1BB
3 Hot Stone Hot Stone, Commercial Unit Restaurant, N1 9EZ
3 Caledonian Kebab Caledonian Kebab, 355 Caledonian Road, N7 9DQ
3 Alcedo Bistro & Bar Alcedo Bistro & Bar, Ground Floor And Rear First Floor, N7 8HG
3 Mangia Bene Italian Restaurant Mangia Bene Italian Restaurant, Basement And Ground Floors, N1 9EZ
3 Mercer & Co. Mercer & Co., Shop, N1 9EZ
3 The Regent The Regent, 201-203 Liverpool Road, N1 1LX
3 N1 Grill N1 Grill, Basement And Ground Floor, N1 9EZ
3 Daphne Catering Daphne Catering, Shop, N1 1DW
3 Ayni Cafe and Restaurant Ayni Cafe and Restaurant, 206 Caledonian Road, N1 0SQ
3 Imperial Works Cycle Cafe Imperial Works Cycle Cafe, Tileyard House, N7 9AH
3 Yefsis UK Ltd Yefsis UK Ltd, 143 Holloway Road, N7 8LX
3 Zia Lucia Zia Lucia, 157 Holloway Road, N7 8LX
3 Angel Deli Angel Deli, 56 Chapel Market, N1 9EW
3 Green Jade Chinese Restaurant & Take Green Jade Chinese Restaurant & Take, 219 Holloway Road, N7 8DL
3 Kaburga Kaburga, 371 Caledonian Road
3 Holloway Indian Takeaway Holloway Indian Takeaway, 215 Holloway Road, N7 8DL
3 Kafeteryam Kafeteryam, Shop, N7 9BA
3 Merkato Cafe & Restaurant Merkato Cafe & Restaurant, 196 Caledonian Road, N1 0SQ
3 Holy Cow Holy Cow, 98 Chapel Market, N1 9EY
3 Le Cafe Delight Le Cafe Delight, Shop, N7 9DQ
4 Express Cafe Express Cafe, 130-132 York Way, N1 0AX
4 Almeida Theatre Almeida Theatre, Almeida Theatre, N1 1TA
4 Green & Fortune Production Kitchen Green & Fortune Production Kitchen, Ground Floor, Kings Place, N1 9AG
4 City Pizza City Pizza, 149 Holloway Road, N7 8LX
4 The Drapers Arms Public House The Drapers Arms Public House, 44 Barnsbury Street, N1 1ER
4 Uncommon Uncommon, Ground Floor, N5 1XL
4 Blue Bird tea Co Blue Bird tea Co, 26 Camden Passage, N1 8ED
4 Mezi's Kitchen Mezi's Kitchen, 8 Barnsbury Road, N1 0HB
4 Pleasance Theatre Pleasance Theatre, Pleasance Theatre Trust Ltd, N7 9EF
4 Brother Marcus Brother Marcus, Basement And Ground Floors At 37-39, N1 8EA
4 Dallas Burger Bar Dallas Burger Bar, 257 Caledonian Road, N1 1ED
4 Jenius Social Jenius Social, Unit 8, N7 8GR
4 Outside the Box Outside the Box, 489 Liverpool Road, N7 8NS
4 The Depot N7 The Depot N7, Bar And Premises, N7 9EF
4 Delhi Grill Delhi Grill, 21 Chapel Market
4 Penton Street Coffee Penton Street Coffee, Ground Floor, N1 9QA
4 Arkstar Arkstar, Railway Arch 1, N7 8HS
4 Sweet Handz Restaurant & Bar Sweet Handz Restaurant & Bar, 217 Holloway Road, N7 8DL
4 Caravan Caravan, Lamb Works, N7 9DP
4 Crepe Affair Crepe Affair, Unit 51- 53, N1 8EA
4 La Taberna La Taberna, 1A Roman Way, N7 8XG
4 Crumbles Castle Adventure Playground Crumbles Castle Adventure Playground, Bingfield Street, N1 0BJ
4 MaiChai MaiChai, 21 Parkfield Street, N1 0PS
4 Euphorium Euphorium, 79 Upper Street, N1 0NU
4 Travel Cafe Travel Cafe, Ground Floor Shop, N7 8HG
4 Mesi's Kitchen Mesi's Kitchen, Shop, N7 8JE
4 Pret A Manger Pret A Manger, 27 Islington High Street
4 Famous Cock Tavern Public House Famous Cock Tavern Public House, 259 Upper Street, N1 1RU
4 The Jolly Sisters The Jolly Sisters, 95 Bride Street, N7 8AX
4 Temptations Temptations, 25-27 Highbury Corner, N5 1RA
4 Hillside Clubhouse Hillside Clubhouse, Unit A, N7 9GJ
4 Sambal Shiok Laksa Bar Sambal Shiok Laksa Bar, 171 Holloway Road, N7 8LX
4 Tenshi Tenshi, 61 Upper Street, N1 0NY
4 House of Morocco House of Morocco, Ground Floor, N1 9DN
4 Star Express Cafe Star Express Cafe, 71 Chapel Market, N1 9ER
4 Thai Square Thai Square, 347-349 Upper Street, N1 0PD
4 OMD Emea LTD OMD Emea LTD, Wolff Olins Ltd, 10 Regents Wharf, N1 9RJ
4 New Jersey Chicken New Jersey Chicken, Shop, N1 1EE
4 OA Com Tam OA Com Tam, Ground Floor, N7 8DA
4 Caledonian Cafe And Restaurant Caledonian Cafe And Restaurant, 488 Caledonian Road
4 Chilango Chilango, Basement Ground And First Floor, N1 0PN
4 Petra Petra, Ground Floor, N1 1DY
4 Holy Pitta Yeeros House Holy Pitta Yeeros House, Basement And Ground Floor Shop, N1 0NY
4 The White Swan Public House The White Swan Public House, 255-256 Upper Street, N1 1RU
4 Skip Garden Kitchen Tapper Walk, N1C 4AQ
4 Keren View Restaurant Keren View Restaurant, Ground Floor Shop, N7 8DJ
4 Urban Social Coffee Urban Social Coffee, Ground Floor, N1 1RU
4 Vivo Vivo, Commercial Unit, N1 0NY
4 SU Cafe Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, N1C 4AA
4 The Barn The Barn, 60 Holloway Road, N7 8JL
4 Alpino Alpino, Ground Floor, N1 9EY
4 Castle Bar Castle Bar, Bar, N7 0SJ
4 Thornhill Arms Public House Thornhill Arms Public House, 148 Caledonian Road, N1 9RD
4 Veli's Cafe Veli's Cafe, Shop
4 Kilis Kitchen Kilis Kitchen, 4 Theberton Street, N1 0QX
4 Pepe's Piri Piri Pepe's Piri Piri, Basement And Ground Floors, N7 8DJ
4 Pho Pho, 39 Upper Street, N1 0PN
4 El Molino Coffee Shop El Molino Coffee Shop, Ground Floor, N7 7BP
4 Pho Hot Pho Hot, Shop, N7 8DJ
4 Pho House Pho House, 39 Holloway Road, N7 8JP
4 C U Diner C U Diner, 190 Caledonian Road, N1 0SQ
4 Vinyl Cafe Vinyl Cafe, Ground Floor, N7 9AH
4 La Pasta Restaurant La Pasta Restaurant, Ground Floor, N5 1RA
4 Black Murphy Ltd Arthouse, 1 York Way, N1C 4AW
4 Scarlett Coffee Roasters Scarlett Coffee Roasters, 30 Duncan Street, N1 8BW
4 Kings Pizza Kings Pizza, Shop, N1 1BA
4 Le Sacre Coeur Le Sacre Coeur, Basement And Ground Floors, N1 0QX
4 Carilion Site Office Street Record, Handyside Street, N1C 4AY
4 Lily Jasmine Lily Jasmine, 25 Camden Passage, N1 8EA
5 Gourmet Sushi Gourmet Sushi, Unit 4, Roman Way Industrial Estate, N7 8XH
5 London Grace London Grace, 35 Camden Passage, N1 8EA
5 Baxterstorey @ Guardian Media Group Baxterstorey @ Guardian Media Group, Guardian Media Group Plc, Kings Place, N1 9AG
5 Victoria Tavern Victoria Tavern, 203 Holloway Road, N7 8DL
5 Le Peche Mignon Le Peche Mignon, Ground Floor Shop At 6, N5 1XH
5 Stef's @ Oregano Stef's @ Oregano, Ground Floor, N1 0NX
5 Kokeb Ethiopian Cusine Kokeb Ethiopian Cusine, 45 Roman Way, N7 8XF
5 Masala Zone Islington Masala Zone Islington, Basement And Ground Floors, Wells House, N1 0NU
5 Lift Cafe Lift Cafe, 45 White Lion Street, N1 9PW
5 Ekachai, Unit 2 Ekachai, Unit 2, 66 York Way
5 Work.London Work.London, Basement And Ground Floors, N1 9EZ
5 York Public House York Public House, 82 Islington High Street, N1 8EQ
5 Motu Indian Kitchen Motu Indian Kitchen, Unit 4, Roman Way Industrial Estate, N7 8XH
5 McDonald's McDonald's, Ground Floor And Basement, N1 1RU
5 Liman Liman, 60 Penton Street, N1 9PZ
5 Starbucks Starbucks, 474A Caledonian Road, N7 8TB
5 The Secret Cafe Islington The Secret Cafe Islington, Hugh Cubitt House, N1 9QZ
5 Mem & Laz Brasserie Mem & Laz Brasserie, Basement And Ground Floor, N1 0QX
5 Little Wonder Cafe Little Wonder Cafe, 46-50 Hornsey Road, N7 7BP
5 Zubi Zubi, 144 Holloway Road, N7 8DD
5 Nando's Nando's, 277 Holloway Road, N7 8FB
5 Appestat Appestat, Basement and Ground Floors, N1 8EG
5 Yun Restaurant Yun Restaurant, Unit 4, Roman Way Industrial Estate, N7 8XH
5 Mokapot Mokapot, 4 Charlton Place, N1 8AJ
5 London Kebab London Kebab, 140 York Way, N1 0AX
5 Cuckoo Cuckoo, Ground Floor, N1 1BZ
5 Noa Noa, 247 Upper Street, N1 1RU
5 Westerns Laundry Westerns Laundry, Part Ground Floor, N5 1PB
5 Deliveroo Deliveroo, Unit 4, Roman Way Industrial Estate, N7 8XH
5 Pret A Manger Pret A Manger, 54-58 York Way
5 Byron Byron, Cafe, N1 0PB
5 Bella Italia Bella Italia, 21 Parkfield Street, N1 0PS
5 Caffe Nero Caffe Nero, 75 Upper Street, N1 0NU
5 Pret A Manger Pret A Manger, Northway House, N1 1RU
5 The Hub King's Cross The Hub King's Cross, York Gallery Refurbished, N1 9AB
5 Gourmet Burger Kitchen Gourmet Burger Kitchen, 39 Parkfield Street, N1 0PS
5 Chick 'N Sours Chick 'N Sours, Ground Floor, N1 0NY
5 St Giles Christian Mission St Giles Christian Mission, St Giles Evangelical Mission, N7 8AZ
5 Radicals & Victuallers Radicals & Victuallers, 59 Upper Street, N1 0NY
5 The Star of Kings The Star of Kings, Ground Floor, N1 0AX
5 Wagamama Wagamama, 40 Parkfield Street, N1 0PS
5 House of Hammerton House of Hammerton, Ground Floor, N7 8LT
5 Chipotle Mexican Grill Chipotle Mexican Grill, 334 Upper Street, N1 0PB
5 The George Public House The George Public House, 9 Eden Grove, N7 8EE
5 Two Tribes Brewing Ltd Two Tribes Brewing Ltd, Unit 4, Acorn Production Centre, N7 9BN
5 EZ & Moss EZ & Moss, 183 Holloway Road, N7 8LX
5 Islington Town House Islington Town House, Ground Floor, N1 0RW
5 Costa Coffee Costa Coffee, Ground Floor Shop, N1 1RU
5 Rodizio Rico Rodizio Rico, Ground Floor, N1 0NU
5 Greggs Greggs, Shop 35, N7 8JE
5 Homeburger Homeburger, 169 Holloway Road, N7 8LX
5 Baxterstorey @ RBS Baxterstorey @ RBS, Ground Floor, Regent House, N1 8EQ
5 Itsu Itsu, 23 Parkfield Street, N1 0PS
5 Hemingford Arms Public House Hemingford Arms Public House, 158 Hemingford Road, N1 1DF
5 Rosa's Thai Cafe Rosa's Thai Cafe, Ground Floor, N1 0QX
5 The Crown Cafe & Bar The Crown Cafe & Bar, Ground Floor Left, N7 8HG
5 Jake's Vegan Steaks Jake's Vegan Steaks, Ground Floor, N7 8JE
5 Starbucks Starbucks, 7 Islington High Street
5 The Joker The Joker, Ground Floor, N1 9PZ
5 Dirty Martini Dirty Martini, Basement And Ground Floor Right, N1 0NY
5 Subway Subway, 248 Upper Street, N1 1RU
5 Flat Iron Flat Iron, 47-51 Caledonian Road, N19BU
5 McDonald's McDonald's, 65-67 Chapel Market, N1 9ER
5 Thai2gether@Hemingford Arms Thai2gether@Hemingford Arms, 158 Hemingford Road, N1 1DF
5 Sushi Show Take Away Sushi Show Take Away, 28 Camden Passage, N1 8ED
5 Chopstix Noodle Bar Unit 3A Treaty Centre
5 Pig & Butcher Pig & Butcher, 80 Liverpool Road, N1 0QD
5 The Good Eating Company The Good Eating Company, Restaurant, Business Design Centre, N1 0QH
5 Pret A Manger Pret A Manger, 12 Parkfield Street, N1 0PS
5 Five Guys Five Guys, Ground Floor, N1 0NY
5 Chapel Bar Chapel Bar, 29 Penton Street, N1 9PX
5 Bap Foods Granary Square Public Open Space, Granary Square, N1C 4BH
5 The Nag's Head Public House The Nag's Head Public House, 12 Upper Street, N1 0PQ
5 Standard Tandoori Restaurant Standard Tandoori Restaurant, 87 Holloway Road, N7 8LT
5 Caravan Kings Cross Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, N1C 4AA
5 Chapel Down Gin Works Plot F1, Kings Cross Central, York Way, N1C 4UR
5 Copperhouse Chocolate - Jaz & Jul's Copperhouse Chocolate - Jaz & Jul's, Basement And Ground Floors, N1 9EZ
5 Sushi Daily@Waitrose Sushi Daily@Waitrose, Waitrose, N1 0RW
5 Franco Manca Franco Manca, Commercial Unit, N1 0NY
5 The Breakfast Club Angel The Breakfast Club Angel, Basement And Ground Floor, N1 8EA
5 Google UK 14-18 Handyside Street, N1C 4DN
5 Domino's Pizza Domino's Pizza, Basement And Ground Floors, N1 9PP
5 Casa Manolo Casa Manolo, Shop, N1 0PN
5 Sushi Gourmet @ Sainsbury's Sushi Gourmet @ Sainsbury's, 31-41 Liverpool Road, N1 0RW
5 Fredericks Restaurant Fredericks Restaurant, Excluding Ground Floor Front 108 And Part Ground Floor 110, N1 8EG
5 The Hope And Anchor Public House The Hope And Anchor Public House, 207 Upper Street, N1 1RL
5 The Crown The Crown, 116 Cloudesley Road, N1 0EB
5 Q and P Q and P, 380 Caledonian Road, N1 1DY
5 The Angelic PH The Angelic PH, 57 Liverpool Road, N1 0RJ
5 Jam & Rye Jam & Rye, 259 Upper Street, N1 1RU
5 Humble Grape Humble Grape, Basement And Ground Floors, N1 0QY
5 Sweet Cafe Sweet Cafe, Shop, N1 0SL
5 Kebab Centre Kebab Centre, 343 Upper Street, N1 0PD
5 Wahaca Wahaca, 68 Upper Street, N1 0NY
5 Costa Coffee Costa Coffee, 465A Caledonian Road, N7 9GX
5 The Three Johns The Three Johns, Public House, N1 9PF
5 KFC KFC, Ground Floor, N1 1RU
5 Doyles Tavern Doyles Tavern, 379 Caledonian Road, N7 9DQ
5 Big Apple Hot Dogs Big Apple Hot Dogs, 170 Caledonian Road, N1 0SQ
5 The Gallery Tileyard Studios The Gallery Tileyard Studios, Unit 5, N7 9AH
5 Kobo Cafe Kobo Cafe, 346, N1 0PD
5 Piebury Corner Piebury Corner, 209-211 Holloway Road, N7 8DL
5 Harold & Leslie Harold & Leslie, Ground Floor, N1 1DW
5 Pinkberry Pinkberry, 38 Upper Street, N1 0PN
5 Iberia-Restaurant Georgian Ltd Iberia-Restaurant Georgian Ltd, Ground Floor, N1 1BA
5 La Vita e Bella La Vita e Bella, Basement and Ground Floor, N1 0QX
5 Strong Grub Strong Grub, 54A Benwell Road, N7 7BA
5 Bill's Cafe Restaurant and Store Bill's Cafe Restaurant and Store, Ground Floor, N1 9PD
5 The Junction The Junction, London Metropolitan University, N7 8DB
5 Drayton Park Women's Crisis House Drayton Park Women's Crisis House, 32 Drayton Park, N5 1PB
5 Starbucks Starbucks, 30 Upper Street, N1 0PN
5 Ahi Poke Ahi Poke, Unit 4, Roman Way Industrial Estate, N7 8XH
5 Baxterstorey @ Arcadis Baxterstorey @ Arcadis, Arcadis House, N1 9AB
5 Karuna Trust Karuna Trust, Second Floor, North London Buddhist Centre, N7 8JG
5 Steam Passage Steam Passage, Ground and Basement Floor, N1 0PN